Featured image for post: FIVE Swoon-Worthy Winter Wedding Ideas in Minneapolis

FIVE Swoon-Worthy Winter Wedding Ideas in Minneapolis


“Winter Wonderland” does not even begin to describe the beauty of Minneapolis in the winter. With glittering snow, clear blue winter skies, and charming holiday lights seemingly everywhere you look, the Twin Cities is a veritable winter fairytale. That means that a winter wedding in Minneapolis is just the ticket to hosting the most romantic celebration possible. To ensure that your big day is absolutely swoon-worthy, check out these FIVE winter wedding ideas below:

1.) Choose a Charming Venue

Wedding reception venues can make or break the ambiance of your wedding day. When planning a winter wedding, being able to hold your ceremony and reception in the same place is a major plus for you and your guests. Wedding event centers like FIVE in the Twin Cities are the perfect places to choose because they offer charm, versatility, and excellent service.

2.) Thrill with Winter Specific Touches

Furry blankets strewn over chairs and lounge areas, flickering candles on tables, glittery lights hung from the rafters, and a holiday-themed greenery are just a few ways you can really incorporate the romance of winter. Embrace the chill by offering seasonally appropriate touches that will add to the ambiance of the space and enjoyment of your guests.

3.) Luxurious Fabrics

One of the best parts of having a winter wedding is the ability to use luxurious fabrics. From gorgeous fur capelets to elegant velvet table coverings in stunning jewel tones, you can really go all out and make your wedding feel ultra-luxe just through the textiles you select.

4.) Warming Menu Items

Delicious food is one of the best ways to keep your guests happy and warm all night long. When you select a menu that includes warm appetizers, hearty entrées, delightful desserts, and warming beverage options, you will fill your guests’ bellies and their hearts.

5.) Glittering Gowns

While summer is a beautiful time to get married, winter offers the unique option of long-sleeved dresses, full skirts, layering, and glittering accessories. Choose a dress that will wow and amazes for your winter wedding and pairs it with luxurious layers. You won’t regret it.


Once you’ve decided on having a winter wedding, the first thing you’ll want to do is book your event venue. If you’re searching for the best wedding venues Minnesota has to offer, look no further than FIVE Event Center. We offer a charming space with ample room to host your winter wedding guests. Inquire today and get your spot booked!