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Planning a Winter Wedding? These Tips Can Help

Winter weddings are simply beautiful and with a little special preparation, you can make yours unforgettable.

To give you some great ideas, here is a list of winter wedding tips to consider for making it a spectacular event.

Make Winter an Important Part of the Celebration

  1. Add seasonal flair to your decorations. Consider using a holiday color scheme that is both festive and wedding appropriate, such as maroon and gold.
  2. An even yummier suggestion: Add holiday flair to the drinks and desserts. Offering hot chocolate at a beverage station, or a drink like a hot toddy, definitely adds a holiday feel.
  3. Consider including holiday ornaments. Whether it’s adding Christmas bows or Valentine’s Day hearts, including a touch of a winter holiday always makes an event memorable.

Plan Ahead, Even the Small Things

  1. Use one venue – like FIVE Event Center in a beautiful historic building – for both the ceremony and reception. Winter weather can sometimes make it hard to commute, so having both events in the same venue will save your guests the trouble of possibly driving in harsh weather.
  2. If you plan on having a receiving line, make sure to place it far enough away from the entrance as you don’t want to run the risk of having guests waiting in line out in the cold.
  3. Winter accessorize your wedding dress and the bridesmaids’ dresses. Make sure your footwear is appropriate, and maybe add a faux fur stole to the mix.

Add Coziness to the Atmosphere

  1. Use candles to add a cozy ambiance.
  2. Add soft textures to the attire.
  3. Smile! Showing your happiness definitely makes a wedding special no matter the season or weather.

FIVE Event Center

Now that you have an idea of what preparation goes into a wonderful winter wedding, please contact FIVE Event Center about the perfect wedding venue in Minneapolis. We would be honored to host your special day.