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Wedding Trends You Should Know About

2018 Wedding Trends To Know Now

2018 is here, and a new year means new trends – including the latest wedding trends. With each passing year weddings are becoming much more unique and tailored to the interests of the bride and groom, so there have been some truly incredible ceremonies and receptions! This year you can expect to see some bold ideas for colors, themes, venues, and cuisine.

Here are some major wedding trends that you can expect to find this next year:


Wedding colors

Pantone just announced its Color of the Year: Ultraviolet, a vibrant shade of purple. Expect to see a lot of this color in 2018 weddings. You should expect pops of brighter colors in general, in everything from bouquets to accessories to decor. Metallics will remain a hit in 2018, but couples will be opting for coppers, chromes, and silvers instead of gold. Although rose gold was one of the most popular trendy wedding themes of 2017, expect a lot less of that in the upcoming months!


Trendy foods

Weddings today are a lot less traditional than they used to be, and it’s no exception when it comes to cuisine! The usual sit-down dinner is being replaced with lighter, more fun options. Future spouses are choosing their favorite dishes to celebrate the big day as opposed to a typical banquet. Think sliders, tacos, and breakfast for dinner! Food trucks will also remain a popular wedding food choice in 2018.


Cake alternatives

Brides and grooms aren’t just changing up dinner! 2018’s wedding cake trends aren’t even cakes at all: expect everything from popsicles to ice cream cones to doughnuts – even cookies and milk. Couples who just can’t choose one dessert are designing entire dessert bars, complete with dozens of mini treats for all of their guests.



Couples have been shifting from typical venues to locations with a bit more edge for a while now, and 2018 will be no exception. Next year’s wedding venue trends will include spaces with more of an industrial feel – think exposed brick or open duct ceilings  and lots of natural light. Rustic themes will continue to reign supreme, but with a more formal or woodsy twist – fewer mason jars and more sleek or forest-inspired decor.

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