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7 Chic Neutral Wedding Color Palette Ideas for Fall

Although neutral colors are currently on trend, they’re actually a timeless classic. The beauty of a neutral color story is that they are not ever going to go out of style. Incorporate neutrals into your fall nuptials to create a wedding that will always be chic and up-to-date.

What is a neutral color?

Neutrals are more than just black and white. There are many colors and shades that are neutral. A neutral color is a muted shade that doesn’t live on the color wheel. They so perfectly complement primary colors as well as each other when being paired together. Examples of a neutral color are taupe, beige, gray, off-white, brown, tan, gold and white. You can also have warm and cold neutrals that have undertones of color. Warm neutrals have hints of yellow, orange, or pint. Cool neutrals have blue, purple, or green undertones to them.

Neutrals are muted but they don’t have to be boring! You can give a personal touch to your neutral details so they feel like you and your partner’s style. We’re showing you how our clients have used neutrals in their wedding day décor.

1. Black Ceremony Chairs


Bridget Couwenhoven Photography

When planning for your wedding, often times you’re planning all the intricate details of the day like the centerpieces, the arbor, the signage, and more. Don’t overlook the items that will take up most of the space, like the chairs! Using classic black chairs will fit perfectly with your neutral color palette no matter the other colors you involve. Black complements every color and keeps the space looking sharp with clean lines.

2. Gray & Beige


Lily Lancaster Photography

Colors on opposite side of the color wheel can clash easily but pairing beige with its warm undertones with gray’s cool hints can come together oh so perfectly. The silver-gray napkins sitting alongside the beige table number and gold stand make sense together.

3. Ivory & Gold Naked Cake


Haley Huotari Photography

Even your cake can follow suite in your neutral color palette. Talk with your dessert caterer about having what’s called a ‘semi-naked’ cake. This is when there is a minimal amount of frosting on the outside so the beige color of the cake comes through.

4. Gold Place Cards


Stephanie Sorenson Photography

Neutral doesn’t have to mean dull. You can still have a neutral color scheme for your fall wedding but add a lil’ sparkle! We’re loving these place cards where the names are framed in a gold glitter.

5. Custom Neutral Aisle Runner


Eileen K. Photography

Print a poem or saying that means something special to you and the important person that walks you down the aisle for a sweet, personal touch to your ceremony. This burlap and lace aisle runner is sure to make guests teary eyed with its touching message to the bride’s dad.

6. Neutral Bridal Bouquet


Shane Long Photography

Carry a full and lush fall bouquet comprised of greenery and white florals. Green is technically a primary color, but it acts like a neutral by perfectly complementing any other color or neutral which makes it the perfect choice for any season.

7. Wood Details


Haley Huotari Photography

We are loving these wood details which are organically neutral in color and material- perfect for a fall wedding. The table number is in a natural finish along with a deeper and richer stain of the centerpiece base. These two tones come together to add variability in color and visual interest.

With a neutral color theme, you can count on a timeless feel to your special day. Use these examples of neutral elements to bring your classic wedding at FIVE Event Center. FIVE is the ideal venue for your fall neutral wedding. The space boasts exposed brick walls, hard wood floors, off-white globe accent lighting, and black chairs that are included in your rental. Contact us to take a tour and see our space in person.