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Make the Most Out of Your Event Space

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After you find the perfect venue for your event, it’s time to start preparing for the big day. As you may well know, planning a great event is much more than just booking a ballroom – it’s what you put into the room that counts. Tables, chairs, place settings, decorations, lay out, and more – there is a lot to keep track of and it tends to pile up quickly. 

To ease your workload, FIVE Event Center can help curate your next wedding or event. Read on for some awesome tips on how to make the most of your event space in Minneapolis, MN and the surrounding areas.

Use Round Tables

Round tables allow more seating per square foot, meaning you can fit more people at each table. For example, a six-foot round table can seat up to ten adults, while a six-foot rectangular table can only seat up to eight adults. Additionally, round tables encourage people to socialize as everyone can see and hear each other more easily than at a rectangular table. 

Choose Your Ceiling Décor

With all of the space provided at FIVE Event Center, creativity can abound. Consider lowered ceiling drapery and lighting at your next big event to make it feel more intimate and special. Ask about floral arrangements, lighting, and more to make your event memorable.

Implement a Lounge Space

Lounge spaces provide a location for intimate socializing away from the dance floor and dining tables. Try creative and comfortable couches, pillows, and ottomans to add flair and function to your next event. 

Set Up Food Stations

Don’t let your next event just be a long buffet line. Consider placing various food stations throughout the event to offer different selections for your guests to enjoy. Such stations also help guests socialize and get the party started. Talk with the caterer about different food options you can coordinate with your event and theme to make your next event even more special and unique. 

Pick Out Tall Centerpieces

Tall centerpieces help to visually lower tall ceilings and make a space feel more intimate. This is also a great way to implement creativity and theme into your event by customizing the centerpieces to meet your needs and style.

Use Dark Colored Chairs and Patterned Tablecloths

Dark colored chairs help make a space seem more full than it is while creating a more intimate setting. Similarly, patterned tablecloths and bold colors stand out and help unify open spaces. 

Minneapolis, MN Event Space Planners

FIVE Event Center is here to help your events succeed. A well-curated venue is crucial for the success of any event. This is true for corporate events, private events, business functions, networking events, and more. FIVE Event Center has the perfect venue and the most dynamic event space for unforgettable events.

With our dual-level event venue, we have ample space to accommodate your special event! For a more formal, seated dinner we can host up to 200 guests. For a cocktail-style event, we can host up to 400 guests between our two levels. Plus, we have a full bar on each level to best serve all your guests! 

FIVE Event Center is a stunning event venue in the Uptown neighborhood of Minneapolis, MN. Our historic space boasts exposed brick, hardwood floors, a beautiful staircase and ample windows to allow natural light to flood the venue. FIVE makes for the perfect location for your special event! Contact us today to plan your next event

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