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FIVE Reasons To Consider A Sunday Wedding

We’re here to tell you that Sundays are the new Saturdays! Why is that? Saturdays tend to be the day of choice for weddings but that is dictated by tradition, not benefits. There are tons of reasons why we love Sunday weddings and we’ve laid out our top five for you to be informed and make the best decision for you. Read on to learn about Sunday weddings and take advantage of all it’s perks!


1. Budget

Peak wedding season can vary but tends to span from May to October in Minnesota due to the ideal weather. Typically, venues and vendors charge a premium for booking their expert services during this busy time of year. Similar to peak season, there are also peak days of the week. Fridays and Saturdays are the typical days to host events which means Sunday – Thursdays are off-peak. Most vendors will charge a discounted rate for these days to entice clients to book. You could save tons on your budget for securing the best wedding services on a Sunday.


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2. Vendor Availability

You have waited this long to find the person you want to spend the rest of your life with. Why wait longer?

One huge benefit to booking your wedding on a Sunday is vendors tend to have more availability. Traditionally, Saturdays are when weddings take place so they tend to get booked months or even years in advance. Just because Saturdays are popular doesn’t mean you have to carry on this trend. Choosing Sunday to say ‘I do’ will help you book the best vendors in town with a shorter wait time.


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3. Snag the *Perfect* Venue

The same rules apply for venues. Not only are the best vendors booked far in advance but so are the best venues! Do you have a stunning space in mind for your nuptials? It’s likely that other couples are thinking the same thing. Book your ideal venue sooner by choosing a Sunday for your special day.

Venues also often offer special rates for Sunday events potentially saving you thousands of dollars off your budget! Another great way to save is to choose a premier venue that includes all the tables and chairs in the rental. This will save you time sourcing the furniture, stress of using an additional vendor, and money on additional rental and delivery fees.


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4. Wedding Weekend

Extend your wedding day into a wedding weekend! Having a Sunday wedding means that you have more opportunity to spend time with your guests. Schedule your rehearsal dinner on the Thursday or Friday prior to your wedding to properly welcome your out-of-town guests and thank your friends and family for standing by you on this journey. Then, schedule a brunch, a round of golf, or a nail appointment on Saturday to get in more quality time with those who matter most. This will help you feel at ease and rejuvenated right before the big day. Plus, guest who are coming in from out of town will love being able to spend the extra time with you. It will make the travel even more worth it!


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5. Make It Yours

The beauty of having a Sunday wedding means you’ve already decided to do it your way. Why not go all out with it?! Break tradition and customize the details to fit your and your partner’s personalities. Say ‘I do’ in the morning and enjoy brunch for your reception meal with mimosas and all. Get a cookie cart or even an ice cream truck in lieu of doing a wedding cake. Whatever you do, make it yours!

Take these five tips with you on your planning journey to have an incredible Sunday wedding. When you book your Sunday wedding at FIVE Event Center, you won’t regret it! We are a premier venue in Uptown, Minneapolis and our dual-level space boasts features like exposed brick walls, hardwood floors, a grand staircase, two built-in bars, and elegant décor that will complement any style. Reach out to inquire on our availability to take advantage of all the benefits a Sunday wedding has to offer.