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FIVE Reasons to Consider a Day-of Coordinator


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You could be an expert planner but it’s unrealistic to think you can both get married and coordinate your wedding day. That sounds overwhelming! You searched for and hired the best venue and vendors in town and they will do a great job. However, they operate as individual entities.

It’s a common misconception that the venue manager will tend to all aspects of your wedding however, that is not typically the case. A venue manager will oversee everything that has to do with the venue. They will ensure the staff flips the room in a timely manner, that the DJ has access to power, and that the caterers are finding all the kitchen equipment needed to execute dinner service, for example. Their plate is already full! They will not be able to also take on the specific details of your day. That’s where a day of coordinator comes in!

What is a Day-of Coordinator (DOC)?

A day of coordinator is a trusted person to help you with pretty much anything you could need on the day of your wedding. You will give them the run down on all the details of your day so they are abreast of the moving parts. This will help them manage each aspect of the day and make sure that everything comes together cohesively as planned. You booked your vendors, found the perfect venue, and sourced all the décor yourself. However, you will be tied up on your wedding day in the ceremony, taking pictures, and (hopefully) enjoying every moment. Free your mind of these details by using a DOC.

This person could be a friend or a cousin helping you but for exceptional results, we recommend hiring a professional. They will stay focused to the task at hand and help you throughout the day to ensure everything goes off without a hitch! Read on for more reasons to hire a DOC.

1. Your Advocate

First and foremost, your day of coordinator will be your best advocate. They don’t work for the venue or are worried about the repercussions of managing your friends and family. They work for YOU. You hired them to do a job and you can hold them to that job. Make sure to run through all the plans with your coordinator upon hire so they understand your plans, priorities, and vendors, and can act in your best interest.

2. Keep Your Timeline

A day of coordinator will keep everyone in check so your timeline stays on track! For example, your DOC will ensure guests are seated so the ceremony can begin on time, or that guests have moved from the ceremony space to the cocktail hour so the venue staff can flip the room for the reception. A day of coordinator is vital for sticking to a timeline.

3. Manage Your Vendors

If the florist is scheduled at a certain time to set up the centerpieces for the ceremony but they haven’t arrived yet, your DOC is the one that will give them a call and get an estimated time of arrival. They will be a point of contact withal of your vendors. As vendors arrive, your DOC can check in with them, show them where to set up, and make sure they have everything they need to do their job.

4. Trouble Shoot

A day of coordinator’s job is no cakewalk. In addition to managing your timeline and your vendors, they are also charged with the responsibility to find seamless solutions to any issues that may arise. You may have planned your wedding day to a T but there are a lot of moving parts that things can go awry quickly. The goal of the DOC is to fix any potential issues so it doesn’t become apparent to the guests and the day appears to be flowing smoothly!

5. Allow You To Enjoy

Arguably, the most important task your day of coordinator will have is to do what is needed so you don’t have to worry about any of it. A great DOC will manage your vendors with ease, troubleshoot issues without needing to interrupt you, and keep your timeline on pace for a smooth day. They will free you up to focus on what’s important – your partner, your guests, and enjoying your special day.

At FIVE Event Center, we love working in conjunction with day of coordinators because we are both striving to ensure your day goes off without a hitch. We will happily work alongside a day of coordinator to make sure your day is everything you dreamed it could be!