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Tips for Wedding Planning in Minneapolis, MN


Wedding planner tips for Twin Cities ceremonis and receptions

Your wedding planner’s primary goal is simple – your complete and utter happiness. They know they are planning the biggest day of your life and that is why they give your wedding all of the time and attention that it deserves. As your most trusted advisor and wedding expert, your planner knows exactly what to consider when choosing the perfect wedding venue for you. That’s why if they are looking for a wedding event center in the Minneapolis area, they will most definitely choose FIVE Event Center.

1. Wedding Venue Layout

Does the venue have flow? Are there multiple levels? Can we configure the space to host both the ceremony and the reception? These are all questions a great wedding planner asks themselves when selecting a venue for your upcoming nuptials, and for good reason. At FIVE Event Center, you will enjoy two levels as well as a small outdoor patio which means ample room to set up space just how you like it.

2. Wedding Photo Ops

Wedding planners know that photos are one of the most important parts of a wedding celebration. When you have your wedding bash at FIVE Event Center, you will have several striking backdrop options for pictures. From brick walls to historic architecture, your photos will be unforgettable just like your wedding day.

3. Event Center Location

Finding the perfect location for your wedding event center is at the top of your planner’s list. When searching for a venue, they want to make sure it is a place that is easily accessible for both you, your guests, and the vendors you select. FIVE Event Center is in a central downtown location that is both trendy and convenient.

4. Cold & Inclement Weather

Gorgeous and spacious indoor venues make for perfect locations, especially in places like Minnesota where winter is long and cold. An indoor venue like FIVE’s also keeps the possibility of inclement weather affecting your big day at bay.

5. Venue Management

Having a fantastic venue manager that is able to communicate well is also at the top of your wedding planner’s priorities. Here at FIVE Event Center, we pride ourselves in our communication skills and ability to work with wedding planners, couples, and event vendors.

Wedding Ceremony & Reception in Minneapolis

Perfect wedding ceremony venues are hard to find, but luckily, FIVE Event Center is the venue of every wedding planner’s dream. We offer everything couples are looking for and more. From gorgeous architecture to a multi-floor building, we have got it all. To inquire about booking our venue, contact us today! We know that our venue is ideal for just about any wedding and that is why we, along with your wedding planner, can’t wait to help you to make your fantasy wedding a reality!