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FIVE Tips for a Successful Fundraiser

When it comes to organizing fundraisers, you definitely don’t want your event to fall flat. Here are five great fundraising tips from the team at FIVE Event Center to help you plan your next big fundraising event.

Bring People Together

Fundraising is about more than just asking for money. It’s about forming connections. Event space for fundraising makes it possible to host a banquet or other social event where people can discuss the needs of the non-profit and come up with solutions together.

Present Your Budget

With all of these accountability groups publishing data on non-profits, people have become increasingly aware of non-profits that don’t use donations wisely. The best way to avoid this label is to clearly tell people where 100 percent of their money goes. Put together a diagram or visual to show them how their funds will be used to create a lasting impact.

Go Mobile

Whether you’re hosting a silent auction or you’re just giving a speech, make sure you have a mobile app that allows your guests to give money throughout the night. Simplify it to a few quick buttons and let them continue on their way. Don’t forget to encourage recurring donations from your app.

Provide Feedback

In addition to your proposed spending plan, make sure that you can demonstrate where the donor’s money went in years past. Provide strong images and videos of places where their money is already working hard.

Add a Gift

Donors are often left with just a tepid thanks after giving. Make sure to show them that you appreciate them with a personal thank you and a small gift.
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