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FIVE Tips for Choosing a Wedding Venue in Minneapolis

Wedding reception in Minneapolis

The right wedding venue is an essential part of any dream wedding. You’ve waited years to make this day happen and now you need to select a location that is just right for you and your guests, so follow these tips.


Think Venue Size First

  • Before you even begin looking at venues, make sure you have a clear idea of how many people are coming and what your budget is for the event. There are event centers in Minnesota available to fit any budget.


Guest Considerations

  • Whether it is wheelchair accessibility or extra parking, be sure to think about your guests as you plan the event. You don’t want family members left out because the venue is difficult for them to access.


Choose a Wedding Style

  •  What style of wedding suits your personality? While elegant churches are traditional, there are a number of modern options that include casual, outdoor and themed weddings.


Choose a Location

  •  How far are you and your family willing to travel to give you the wedding you want? There are many Minneapolis venues conveniently located around town. The best wedding venues in Minneapolis are easy to get to – even for guests who are flying in from out of state.


Create a Contingency Plan

  •  Depending on the time of year you’re planning your wedding, there may be weather issues to think about. For example, what is plan B if your outdoor wedding gets rained out?

FIVE Event Center of Minneapolis has excellent wedding coordinators on hand to help you organize your perfect wedding. We will help you answer all of the above questions to select the right décor for your wedding. Please contact us today.