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FIVE Tips for a Successful Wedding Reception


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When you tie the knot, you want the after-party to be a good time for everyone — and with the right arrangements, you can make sure it’s a smashing success. Putting the perfect cap on your wedding doesn’t have to be a challenge with these helpful hints for winning the crowd.

1. Select the Right Venue

It’s all about location, location, location. Once you’ve sized up your guest list, you can get an idea of how much space the crowd needs to celebrate. Communicate with your venue about table arrangements, and event timing. FIVE Event Center delivers stellar service in a comfortable atmosphere with modern equipment like an HD projector and 110-inch retractable screen, programmable Gobo lighting image projector, excellent lighting, and sound systems. If you’re looking for a wedding reception venue in Minnesota, you can take advantage of outstanding catering partners and tailor each detail to your preference. Get in touch today.

2. Feed With Fresh Food

Creating a menu unique to you and your partner makes the meal feel as if it is your own on your big day. Do all of your friends know you used to eat pizza every day in college? Order a late-night snack of pizzas to ensure the food feels specific to you and your significant other! Keep in mind what kind of dietary restrictions are within your guest list — are people keeping kosher, gluten-free, or susceptible to food allergies? Plan ahead so nobody has to go hungry but serve lighter are so your party can stay light on their feet on the dance floor.

3. Set The Mood With Color

Whether you have a theme for your wedding or want more vibrant energy at your reception, don’t hold back on the colorful decor! There are too many opportunities to pass upon for working a beautiful palette into the ceremony and reception. Tablecloths and linen napkins, flowers in your centerpieces, or even the votive candle colors can add an additional flare. Keep it appealing to the eye, and it will reflect in people’s moods.

4. Trust The Music

The DJ and band are the experts in guiding the crowd. Organizing activities should center around a solid (and audible!) call to action from the first dance to the final notes of the party. Know your audience, and give some direction as to what kind of music people will enjoy — without trying to dictate every track on the playlist! Trust the professionals to set the tone.

5. Plan A Graceful Exit

After all, the fun has been had and everybody is in high spirits, it’s time to end on a good note. If you’re going to be traditional and throw rice on the bride and groom or another showstopping walkout, confirm with your venue for approval. Otherwise more and more couples are opting for sparkler send-offs, or a dance out of their reception to leave an impression. This is your final appearance at your wedding, so make it count!

For planning all the elements of a wedding reception, you can rely on FIVE Event Center to plan, organize, and inspire your party to be a night to remember!