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Tips For Throwing The Best Fundraising Event


Fundraising events in the Twin Cities

There are a lot of details that go into planning successful fundraising events. To incorporate all the fundamentals, you need firm direction and a solid event space. FIVE Event Center in Minneapolis is a stunning and versatile venue that provides excellent amenities to make a lasting impression on your guests.


There’s a delicate balance to putting on the perfect fundraiser — you don’t want to skimp on the pageantry, but going over budget defeats the purpose. Use your estimates to plan accordingly before going all-out. Depending on the scale of your event, determine if you’re keeping it simple with cocktails and mingling or launching a fully catered dinner.

2.Role Models

It would be convenient if people were passionate to give their support solely based on principle and goodwill, but charity galas don’t usually run on sunshine and rainbows. Your cause will garner far more support if you have someone affected by the cause that generates attraction to the scene. Target a variety of connections to spread out your base of guests.

3. Don’t Advocate, Celebrate

The truth is, people are more generous when they’re happy, and having fun. Nobody is going to be compelled to donate after being lectured to for hours, even if they are getting complimentary food and drinks. Raise the energy, and similarly, you’ll see a rise in support. You can accomplish this with music, dancing, and some unexpected surprises that will entertain and delight your guests.

4.Know Your Audience

One of the main advantages of throwing a fundraiser for a singular purpose is that you have a unifying goal to tie your audience together. Look at who you’re expecting to attend and consider their perspective from the time they walk into the venue to when they leave. Incorporate some lighthearted humor or a passionate call to action into speeches. Gauge how old your crowd is and diversity of backgrounds when planning activities.


Make it clear how significant it is to have support for your cause. Or, the event could become a social hour without having a meaningful goal. Demonstrate how much you’ve done in the status quo, and show optimism about the new heights that could be reached with more funding. Provide plenty of opportunities for guests to buy in and highlight the legitimacy of the program.

The flexible options that FIVE Event Center establishes work with any constraints of your fundraiser or charity event. Options to bring in experienced event planners and utilize the venue’s partnerships with various catering services reduce limitations and make your planning that much easier. When you book FIVE Event Center, top-notch technology is at your disposal from HD projectors to professional sound systems and lighting control.

Find out how FIVE Event Center can address your needs to make your fundraiser a smash hit.