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Just Engaged? FIVE Things To Know Before You Start Wedding Planning!

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Holy moly! Did your significant other pop the big question? Congratulations! This marks the beginning of a new, beautiful phase of your life. You’re probably over the moon with excitement and maybe overwhelmed at the thought of planning a wedding. Don’t worry. We’re here to help you get started! Naturally, the next course of action is to start preparing for the big day — you won’t realize how hectic it can get until you start. To set you off on the right foot, we’ve compiled FIVE steps for planning your wedding after you get engaged.  


Take a moment to soak it all in. You’ve taken a big step toward the rest of your life with your partner. And all your dreams about your wedding day will soon be a reality. Details about your wedding are important, but don’t forget to savor these sweet moments and enjoy your engagement too! This is big news, and you want to share it with friends and family. Video call your best friend, show the ring and wait for the ululation. Take a beautiful picture of the ring (the manicure must be on point), and splash the corridors of social media with beautiful captions of love. Spend quality time with your partner because you’ll soon work in tandem to make the big day a success.  


Sit down with your partner and come up with “the list.” Delegate roles to each other to avoid having everything all over the place. When each partner has clear responsibilities, it makes organization and accountability easier. You don’t want to call the florist twice, with contrasting sets of instructions from each partner. Anyone who’s wedded before will tell you that you’ll need a “small army” around to help put things together. These are the same people who’ll be in attendance when you walk down the aisle, so it only makes sense that you call on them for help from the onset. Ask for help, and accept it when offered. For example, the maid of honor can ensure the ladies’ gowns are ready before the wedding day. The best people to consult are the ones who’ve wedded because they have practical examples of Dos and Don’ts and know just what to look for and what to check on. Be intentional when selecting your team of bridesmaids and groomsmen because these are the people that mean the most to you, have fond memories with, and you can trust to be by your side on your big day and beyond.  


Start planning your dream wedding by searching Pinterest, blogs, and magazines for ‘wedding inspiration.’ Choose things you like from a variety of different weddings, then work with your partner,  wedding planner, or friends and family to help you pull off the wedding of your dreams. Looking at others’ weddings will help you to visualize your perfect day and to know what’s important to you.  


When picturing their wedding day, people only go as far as deciding whether they prefer indoor or outdoor for their ceremony and reception. In reality, there are so many styles and types of venues, but you have to choose one! Ensure the ambiance is right, the environment is perfect for photos, and the amenities accommodate everyone on your guest list. It would be best to go for an all-inclusive venue like FIVE Event Center in Minneapolis, Minnesota. That way, you’ll have the ceremony and reception in the same location to avoid unnecessary transitions from one place to another. You can also take advantage of our hospitality suites, so everything is in one convenient spot.  


If you live in the Minneapolis area, you’re in luck! FIVE Event Center is one of the top wedding venues in Minnesota, and we can help you bring the elated feeling you felt at your engagement into your wedding day. We have a gorgeous historic venue with modern amenities that will make your big day one for the books. Inquire today, and we can set up a tour. Your engagement is momentous, and your wedding day will be another amazing stepping stone. Book with FIVE today for a day unlike any other.